My experience in the ASTREA Yacht – Day 7

We woke up to a very sunny day next to the Island Pinzón. The turquoise water was a good omen and the dives were just as expected, full of surprises.

Astrea - Galapagos Cruise

We saw a very strange and unique fish: the seabat. We all had a lot of fun taking as many pictures as we could. It has four legs and a tale, red lips, glowing eyes and a horn on the forehead.
After seeing something as extravagant as the seabat, we were surrounded by giant rays dancing in front of us. Not even the green turtles were shy and made an appearance. They were all giving us a farewell to a unique diving experience.

We travelled on a full stomach to Santa Cruz, the most populated island of the archipelago and also home to the Scientific Station Charles Darwin.
It was wonderful to hear the explanations given by our tour guide about the different species of giant tortoises. We were able to see all shapes and sizes of this unique animal. We could also understand the difference between the famous marine turtles and the tortoises living on land, both endemic to the archipelago.

After dinner and a goodbye cocktail we thanked everyone that made this experience as unique as it had been. The night out welcomed us with many bars, restaurants and nightlife that we fully enjoyed. We also took the opportunity to buy some souvenirs and see a bit more of town.