My experience in the ASTREA Yacht – Day 6

The sunrise at Point Vicente Roca was announcing cold wáter. The morning fog started to vanish and we quickly got ready for a cold dive. Vicente Roca is a spot with cold currents, but during our dive we were completely surprised! The bottom of the ocean was totally different to what we had seen up until now. It was covered by pink, orange and purple gorgonias that served as a hiding place to many colored sea horses.

Male Galapagos Greater Frigate Bird - CC. Charlesjsharp

We also saw “Tiburon gato”. We were very impressed by the ocean sunfish, it`s so big and adorable! We saw so many new things that the cold was the last thing we thought of. In the afternoon we had another dive in Cape Marshall. We were surrounded by a large school of small fish called salemas and many other species. But nothing compared to seeing a manta ray for the first time…