My experience in Galapagos 2015 – Day 07

Astrea Diary – Day 07:                       

Today we visited Rabida Island, this is a very popular island because it has pink sand which contrasts with the mountain colors and sky. We walked around the island and saw cactus, blue-footed boobies, and an amazing view of the sea!

Rabida Island Galapagos Astrea Galextur Rabida Island Galapagos Boat


Rabida Island AstreaAfter lunch, we arrived at Bartolome Island. I consider this to be the most beautiful island of the Archipelago. It has a spectacular view from the top – and if the weather permits you can see Santa Cruz, Santiago, and Isabela Island. We walked to the top of the hill and on that walk saw a Galapagos hawk again. We did an afternoon snorkeling and got to see a lot of penguins and sea lions. That evening we had our last dinner on board, and the Chef prepared some special food for us. We ate Wahoo, which is a typical type of fish from Galapagos. It was great and he included some rice and a healthy salad! The dessert was chocolate cake. Rich and yummy! The crew prepared a special cocktail for us. We had so many great experiences with our days on board, new friends, and exploring the islands! No doubt that we will come and visit again!



Rabida Island Galapagos Awesome View - Astrea Galextur Bird at Rabida Island Rabida Island Galapagos - Astrea Galextur Tourist at Galapagos - Astrea Galextur