My experience in Galapagos 2015 – Day 05

Astrea Diary – Day 05:


Today was a full snorkeling day. We went to Cowley and Albany Islet – this is an amazing place located in the east of Isabela, the water was great, yet again! Our guide mentioned the possibility of seeing hammerhead sharks in the water, but it sometimes depends on the season. They are usually out and about during July-September. Looks like I will have to come back. Definitely!

Cowley and Albany Islet Galapagos

After 11am, we started our way towards Albany Islet. Once we arrived in Albany, after lunch, we rested for a bit before snorkeling. We did a small boat ride via the “Panga” before going into the water, and we were able to see a lot of blue-footed boobies, sea lions resting on the rocks, Nazca boobies and seagulls. We did some snorkeling at Bucanero, this is a rock with formations – you can see rocks that look like an elephant, and a rhino! It was cool seeing these amazing figures. While snorkeling we saw colorful fish, sea lions, and rays! It was another great day.

Albany Islet Galapagos