My experience in Galapagos 2015 – Day 04

Astrea Diary – Day 04:

This is a day I will never forget. It was special because I came face to face with a Galapagos shark. We disembarked at Dragon’s Hill – and we walked around the island. We saw a lot of land iguanas resting in the road, and lots of cactus and birds. The walk was great and the weather was great, nice and hot!

Dragon’s Hill Galapagos

Once we returned to the boat, I drank a lot of water. Have to keep hydrated! We then started navigating to the next point which was called “Chinese Hat”. It was in this place where I had the best time of my life. I met a shark. We were snorkeling in the bay, and the other guests were around 50 meters from me – I was swimming slowly, and I saw starfish, a Galapagos snake, sea urchins, and then the Galapagos Shark! He was in front of me and I yelled “shark, shark!” I didn’t know what to do so my first reaction was to scream, so others could get a chance to see him also! I turned around, and he was gone!


Then we wandered over to the Chinese Hat, where we had a wonderful view of the sunset while waiting for our “Panga” to get us back to the boat. We rested a little bit and then the Chef called us for dinner, he prepared some chicken with a delicious mushroom sauce!

Chinese Hat Galapagos Astrea