My experience in Galapagos 2015 – Day 03

Astrea Diary – Day 03:

In the morning, we woke up in Puerto Ayora. We disembarked to visit the Charles Darwin Station. It was an educational visit where we saw tortoises and learned more about the history of the enchanted islands! We also got to hear about the life of Lonesome George.


At around 10:30am we started on our way to Floreana. I was a little bit worried about the boat ride because I felt seasick – but I took a pill and everything was OK! We had lunch, and ate a hot soup, which was typical of the Ecuadorian mainland. It had lentils, potatoes, carrot and cabbage, was very good! After about 1 hour of travel we arrived in Floreana. This spectacular island had some of the best snorkeling. We saw rays, sharks, marine iguanas and colorful fish. While on the island I also saw gulls, herons, blue footed boobies and much more! Oh, and while snorkeling I also saw rays and lobsters. This was in the Devil’s Crown!


Galapagos - Ayora                  Astrea Galapagos Boat


After snorkeling, there was a nice walk at Cormorant Point. We walked around a lake with flamingos – and we got some nice pictures of them while in flight! While walking around on the island we stopped at the beach, walking in the white sand with a beautiful view.


Birds - Galapagos                   Beach at Galapagos