My experience in Galapagos 2015 – Day 02

Astrea Diary – Day 02:

Today we had buffet for breakfast. We had sausage, jam and variety of cheese, fruits and cereals.

After breakfast, we disembarked at Plazas Island. I loved the beautiful view once we started approaching land. We walked around the different types of cactus, saw many land iguanas, swallow tailed gulls and the most beautiful red billed tropical bird. We also saw many sea lions resting and playing on the rocks.


Cactus galapagos                              Sea Wolfs Astrea Galapagos


The next stop was Santa Fe. I consider this the best lunch during my trip, the Chef prepared shrimp! They were served with garlic sauce and vegetables, I was pretty happy because I love this kind of food! After lunch we arrived at the island and the first view was of the turquoise water. This is a vision I still daydream about! It was amazing to see the water and the boat floating there. Again, there were beautiful animals everywhere. We walked around sea lions, there was a big colony by the beach and we were able to get close to them. It was a very cool sighting.


 Galapagos Astrea Galextur                            Sea Wolf Galapagos


After our walk, we returned to the boat to get our snorkeling gear. While snorkeling in the clear blue water, we saw lots of rays, colorful fish, and marine iguanas eating while on the rocks! Pretty amazing! Once we returned to the boat we were given snacks and hot chocolate. I was up on the sun deck and noticed something jumping in the water. It was rays playing in the water with polka dots on their fins. Another great day!