My experience in Galapagos 2015 – Day 01

Astrea Diary – Day 01:

We arrived in Galapagos at approximately 10am. Our guide waited for us at Seymour (Baltra Island) airport. He was holding up a sign with the Astrea logo and was very excited that we arrived and that we would soon be on board! We took the bus to the Itabaca Channel, and then we took a small boat “Zodiac” which brought us to the ship.

The yacht was truly gorgeous! I walked through and took a look at the social areas, dining room, and living areas. I checked around the other staterooms, they all looked great. I had a wonderful first impression of my room, it was in the upper deck with a wonderful view of the sea!

Galapagos Astrea Galextur


Our lunch was great. I like veggies, I don´t really eat red meat, but I love seafood. The Chef was ready for all the food requirements that passengers might have. Today we had fish with onion sauce, potatoes, and a delicious dessert, grape cheesecake!

After lunch, we disembarked at Seymour Island. It was a good walk where I saw lots of frigate birds, land iguanas, cute sea lions, cactuses, and a beautiful view of the bay. During the short hike, I saw how the frigates feed their babies. It was interesting how the Mom took the food into her mouth, and she kept it in there until she was sure that there were no predators close by. When it was safe, she put the food in the baby’s mouth.

Birds at Galapagos Birds at Galapagos